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So, are YOU Wired@Heart??? Oh… you’re in for a Nutella-filled strawberry desert with a whipped cream on top, darling. The words “should” or “supposed to” are officially banned from this site.. and we throw banana peels (in a loving way!) at anyone who wants to shrink us into a box.

At Wired@Heart we know that we desperately need to learn how to connect with ourselves…. We combine research and spirituality, humor & psychology to help you soothe your wounded heart, comfort our defensive soul and know our worth. Then, and ONLY then can you have the rich relationships with the world around.

Life is fluid, like a huge waterbed. When someone jumps on the other side, you feel the waves ripple over to your side. When you are Wired@Heart you are no longer a victim, you no longer fall off the bed…

So go ahead,

Dare to succeed. Scratch that itch. Book the next flight. Tell the world, “yes” and trust that when you are Wired@Heart you can figure anything out….

psychology+ technology+ research + spirituality = connection anywhere

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Does it have to get worse before it gets better? Of Fists and Fits

Does it have to get worse before it gets better? Of Fists and Fits

As you probably noticed the second you start taking care of yourself and raise your emotions– the Universe starts sending you tons of “negative stuff” … which keeps you wondering.. why the heck I get MORE of bad things now, when I am working on being more positive than before?
In my sessions, I warn my beautiful joy seekers that they might go through some rough times… they may lose a job, a lover, or get hit with a huge bill that they did not expect…
Does it REALLY have to get worse before it gets better?

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What being on TV taught me about life…

What being on TV taught me about life…

Our “airtime” in this life is already very limited… so stop broadcasting what you do not want.

Use your broadcast time to send positive, expanding, loving thoughts…
these are the frequencies that will never need to be deleted from your life and from the lives of others.

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