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So, are YOU Wired@Heart??? Oh… you’re in for a Nutella-filled strawberry desert with a whipped cream on top, darling. The words “should” or “supposed to” are officially banned from this site.. and we throw banana peels (in a loving way!) at anyone who wants to shrink us into a box.

At Wired@Heart we know that we desperately need to learn how to connect with ourselves…. We combine research and spirituality, humor & psychology to help you soothe your wounded heart, comfort our defensive soul and know our worth. Then, and ONLY then can you have the rich relationships with the world around.

Life is fluid, like a huge waterbed. When someone jumps on the other side, you feel the waves ripple over to your side. When you are Wired@Heart you are no longer a victim, you no longer fall off the bed…

So go ahead,

Dare to succeed. Scratch that itch. Book the next flight. Tell the world, “yes” and trust that when you are Wired@Heart you can figure anything out….

psychology+ technology+ research + spirituality = connection anywhere

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from thriving to striving

Facebook marketing that connects and clicks



True colors

an unconventional photoshoot for unconventional women

the goddess code of misconduct

7 steps to unleashing your inner deity, and shaking your moneymaker for love, joy and abundance

me, myself, and I

A Self-Esteem Booster System to Start Loving Yourself for Real



When it comes to self-esteem ALL of us can do a little better.. but how much better???  Here is the BEST TEST EVER… seriously. All you need to do is to read each step, close your eyes and not “think the answer” but visualize it. The first thing that... read more
7 Psychological Tricks to SuperCharge Your Life

7 Psychological Tricks to SuperCharge Your Life

We all want our dreams to come true. But very often when this does not happen we start believing that fulfillment of desires is some magical art that is not for us….
BUT in reality, it only requires practicing 7 correct habits!
(Warning, don’t rush to change everything in your life at once: let at least 12% of your life for novelty and expansion)
So let’s go over these 7 magical habits. As always, I blend research, psychology, technology and spirituality to give you the most “well-rounded” strategy to improve your life.

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Axl, Slash and The Art of Manifestation

Axl, Slash and The Art of Manifestation

Watching both Axl and Slash on the same stage was one of the greatest experiences as these musicians are really world-class masters… As I sang along “Sweet child of mine” (with my favorite guitar solo there)— I looked around… and I saw most people pretending to play the drums and the guitar and sing their guts out…. So attuned to the music that they became its extension…. Which made me think of.. MANIFESTING

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