Bookphoria is looking for an Author & Expert Outreach Representative / Independent Sales Rep

As you probably know, my partner Anastasia Pryanikova and I started a new project Bookphoria in January, 2014.  This project has been very successful and now we need your help! Please spread the word about this new position.

Bookphoria is looking for an Author & Expert Outreach Representative / Independent Sales Rep.

Bookphoria is a distance learning platform that converts non-fiction books and expert content into a variety of multimedia products and multimedia online courses. At Bookphoria, we practice the concept: “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.”

We believe in the following criteria for the work that brings joy:
~ fun, exciting and playful;
~ changing people’s lives for the better;
~ educational and stimulating growth;
~ aligning with your passion;
~ flexible and fitting YOUR priorities;
~ autonomous and entrepreneurial (micromanagement is a swear word at Bookphoria).

If you desire such work environment and you are a self-starter, then WELCOME TO BOOKPHORIA!

We are looking for enthusiastic, outgoing, passionate sales professionals who are great communicators, customer oriented with excellent interpersonal skills and who are comfortable with technology. You will represent Bookphoria’s mission and products and will sell Bookphoria products to authors, speakers and experts. You are not bound by location. You can generate leads nationwide and sell both face-to-face and virtually.

You will be provided with tools and virtual training to help you sell. You must be able to learn the products and convey their benefits and features to the prospects.

An ideal Author/Expert Outreach Representative will have:

  • Strong cold-calling, networking and appointment-setting skills;
  • Excellent presentation skills, both live and virtual;
  • Technology and media-oriented interests and skills;
  • The leverage of existing connections with experts, speakers, authors or other professionals in the publishing industry.

This is an independent, commission only position. This is not a salaried position. The more you sell, the more you make!

Email with the subject line Sales Rep.

7 Facets of Book Trailers that INSPIRE

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The Author Transmedia Mindmap: Building Your Content Marketing Mosaic

As an author, you may be wondering how multimedia solutions fit into the overall book and business marketing strategy. Creating compelling content is just one part of your book promotion.  You need to have appropriate distribution channels for your content, and it must engage your readers, prospects and clients.

According to Canada Media Fund Keytrends Report 2014, “value is now generated by the relationship between audience and content” and “the intent is to give participating audiences the opportunity to add value to the content distribution process.” Continue reading

Don’t Keep All Your Eggs in One Basket: Enter Transmedia Screens and Information Streams

In todays’ blog we are going to address concerns of some authors and experts who are struggling to embrace transmedia storytelling because they are not sure of how their investments will pay back. There are only so many marketing materials you can develop about your book before you have saturated your target audience.  The time when marketing campaigns retold the same story across different channels is over. The consumers of our time expect to be engaged in multiple ways on various platforms and create new experiences with every media. You can no longer afford to put all your eggs in one basket of the same old promotion. Continue reading

7 Ways Authors & Experts Can Use Transmedia to Grow and Engage Their Readership

Technology offers authors and experts an opportunity to spread their messages across multiple media channels.  A skillful pairing of content with a virtual platform can unfold your story further and create a unique experience for your readers. The video below demonstrates the concept of transmedia that uses technology and community engagement to create multi-dimensional stories.

Authors can leverage cross-media platforms to increase the impact of their narratives. Here are 7 ways you can use transmedia to grow and engage your readership:

1. Create a series of comics with the main characters of your story that expand on the material in your book.  For example, if you chose to edit out certain parts of your story, you can bring them back in the comics format. Your readers will enjoy such updates and stay connected to your characters.

2. Develop an assessment based on your book that allows your readers to identify their avatar, or type, and guide them to the content that is custom-designed for their specific avatars.  Your readers will be more likely to engage with the material that they find relevant to their needs. You can generate a QR code that will take your readers to the assessment and include it in your printed materials or business cards to grow your readership.

3. Create an animation or a scenario-based video to illustrate an important concept in your book. Check out this beautifully animated RSA Short, in which Dr. Brené Brown explains empathy.

4. You can also use art, illustrations, and props to present your ideas. Here is how Brad Heckman used his own drawing during his TEDx Talk on Mindfulness in the Midst of Conflict at Columbia Teachers College, which is now available in the video format.

5. Develop a blog series based on your book. Such blog series can include the background information about your characters, visual representations of the scenes from the book, reader surveys, puzzles and other game elements, quests and challenges that invite your readers to participate and offer rewards to active community members. You can even invite your readers to come up with alternative developments of your story by introducing various scenarios.

6. Design physical artifacts based on your book, such as postcards, bookmarks, comics books, stickers, pins, and calendars with the quotes from the book. You can take them to your book signings and other live events or mail them as gifts to your actively engaged readers. You can invite your readers to recreate unique objects from your book as drawings, clay figures or origami and submit the photos of their creations that you can later feature on your blog.

7. Develop book club guides that book clubs can use during the discussion of your book. Invite book clubs to contribute their photos, notes and comments to your blog or social media groups.  Record a special video to greet book club members that can be played during live book club meetings. Book club members will be excited to hear directly from the authors.

These are just some possibilities of how your story can be told in different formats across multiple platforms.  Bookphoria can help you bring your own transmedia project to reality. Think outside the book!

Apply for our free exploratory session to learn more at

Why every author, speaker and expert needs a….. Brand Bumper?

brand bumper My business coach and branding expert Julie Cottineau always quotes Jay –Z, an American rapper, who seems to capture the whole idea of marketing in one sentence: “I’M NOT A BUSINESSMAN/I’M A BUSINESS, MAN!” – Jay-Z People connect with people, not with companies. Therefore, you need to figure out what makes you stand out from the crowd. What are your unique features that can be translated into your business to create a personal signature for your products and services? You ARE your business, and every point of your interaction with the client needs to breathe YOU. One way to create a personal digital signature is to develop a video bumper that will introduce every presentation, video, or workshop that you develop. Find out what a video bumper is, why you need it, and how to use a 3-step process to develop the most effective bumper for your brand! Continue reading

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Multimedia Bios for Self-Branding: Why? When? and How?

As an author, speaker or expert you publish your content on a regular basis. However, old methods of marketing and self-branding (a resume-like bio) will not get you far. First, let me ask you: “How do you buy books?” Chances are that you go online or to your local book store already with a book title in mind because somebody told you about the book or you read and enjoyed other books by the same author.  Fewer people nowadays have the luxury of wondering into a bookstore, browsing the shelves and finding something new to read.  Most people buy when they already have their next book in mind.  What does it mean to you as an author? You want to be that author that other people heard about from their friends and colleagues, in radio and TV interviews, on social media. In other words, you want to stand out from the crowd of other authors in similar genres and industries. You want your future readers know who you are, what books you have written and why. Before they learn from you, they need to learn about you. Watch this video to find out about how to create mutimedia bio for authors, speakers and experts.

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Does Your Book or Expert Content Stand Out Online?

~ Does your book or expert content stand out online?                                                            ~ Do you have a well-recognized brand that attracts a lot of attention from your potential customers?                                                                                                                             ~ Do you know what maybe influencing the health and prosperity of your business?

Find your unique Media Impact Quotient in this Free 2 min survey:


How to Create Your Virtual Presence in 5 Steps

Marketing experts, like Seth Godin and others, predict that books and expert content have to move more and more into the digital realm to adapt to how people interact with information. We already saw it when Oprah launched an online course with Brené Brown based on her book. That is going to be a big trend in the years to come, based on the information that we see. However, for many authors and  experts, it is still an enigma  how to successfully utilize multimedia without wasting a lot of time and money and how to ensure their story is unified across various platforms rather than presenting a series of fragmented messages.


In this video I will share a 5- step system for creating successful virtual presence through mutlimedia that my business partner and I developed for our new project called Bookphoria. Enjoy!

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