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At Wired@Heart we know that you desperately need to learn how to connect with yourself…. Then, and ONLY then can you have the rich relationships with the world around.

I will show you how to get unstuck, feel inspired and at ease within, and connected with the world by harnessing psychology, technology and spirituality. I am going to use research and energy to show you how to feel “connected” every chance I get because it is my passion and my life mission.

Life is fluid, like a huge waterbed. When someone jumps on the other side, you feel the waves ripple over to your side. When you are Wired@Heart you are no longer a victim, you no longer fall off the bed…  

So go ahead, Dare to succeed. Scratch that itch. Book the next flight. Tell the world, “yes” and trust that when you are Wired@Heart you can figure anything out….

psychology+ technology+ spirituality = connection

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An online training on how to raise your self value and self love

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True Colors

An unconventional photoshoot for unconventional women

The Goddess Code of Misconduct

7 steps to unleashing your inner deity, and shaking your moneymaker for love, joy and abundance



Best Self-Esteem Test

Best Self-Esteem Test

   When it comes to self-esteem, ALL of us can do a little better.. but how much better?  Here is the BEST TEST EVER… seriously. Here’s what you need to do:   Read the steps that follow Close your eyes and visualize your value, don’t “think” it The... read more

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