6 Tips for Making your Online Content Appeal to A Broader Audience

Recent research shows that online behavior of low literacy readers is radically different than that of higher-literacy users: they plow text rather than scan it, and they miss page elements due to a narrower field of view. In the video below I will give you 6 strategies on how to adjust your online content to be more appealing to a broader audience.

Here is the summary for your convenience

 Here are 6 strategies for adapting your content for lower literacy readers.

1. Simplify the text: use text aimed at a 6th grade reading level on the homepage, important category pages, and landing pages. On other pages, use text geared to an 8th grade reading level.

2. Prioritize information. Place the main point at the very top of the page, where even readers who typically give up after a few lines will see it. Place any other important information above the fold, to minimize the risk of users losing their place after scrolling.

3. Avoid text that moves or changes, such as animations and fly-out menus. Static text is easier to read.

4. Use the main column for the main text. Place important content in a single main column, so users don’t have to scan the page and pick out design elements in a two-dimensional layout.

5. Simplify navigation by placing the main choices in a linear menu.

6. Optimize search. Include some typical misspellings n the search.

Research shows that improving websites for lower-literacy users can also help higher-literacy users.For example, Nielsen group conducted a research where they modified a site to be more accessible to lower literacy readers. The results are dramatic increase in customer satisfaction with the site as well as their ability to perform required tasks.

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