3 Strategies for Creating Must Have Taglines for Your Online Courses and Products


It takes 8 seconds online for the visitors to decide whether to continue reading your content or click away. How will you convince your audience to stay on your blog, search through your online profile and enroll in your online courses? When it comes to cyberspace, the less is more, and your tagline allows you to express the essence of your site, course or product  in a matter of seconds.

Here is a 3-step formula for developing a tagline:

A. Brainstorm important words:

1. What does your course resolve for your customer?

2. Who do you help (your target client)?

3. How do you help them?

4. What are the results your clients achieve from using your service or product.

B. Put the words together into short, 3-15 word phrases

a. Use positive language, no negative words like won’t/don’t/no +

b. Focus on the benefits

c.  Remember, it’s often better to be clear than clever

C. Field Test the Tagline: 

Choose your best 3-5 taglines and ask your audience to rate them according to the following categories:

SOUND  Put it in a sentence: How does it sound? Is it easy to pronounce?

FEEL Is it memorable? Does it evoke emotion and the right emotion?

 CLARITY  Can you understand the promise?

 AVAILABILITY  Does anyone else use it?

 STORY Do you have a quick positive association with  it? Does it show a “story”?

AUDIENCE Do you understand who this is for?

 What I would like for you to do now is to help me edit my tagline!

Since my business expanded and it includes both educational professionals and small business owners who want to leverage their businesses online, I need to reflect this in my tagline. My old tagline is:  transcending distances in online learning, but it seems to exclude bis owners. I was thinking about a new taglines:

a.Transcend distances online.
b.Transcend distances online. Share your expertize.
c. Helping coaches, trainers and experts transcend distances online.
d. Helping coaches, trainers and consultants to share their experience online.
e. Where coaches, trainers and consultants transcend distances online.

 Please express your opinion which one you like? why?

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10 thoughts on “3 Strategies for Creating Must Have Taglines for Your Online Courses and Products

  1. I liked this one the best. Helping coaches, trainers and experts transcend distances online.

    I would suggest

    Helping educators, consultants, and small businesses transcend distances online.

  2. Dear Marina: I’m not sure if slogan and tag line are the same. Your exempel with the motos or yelow sides made me thought about “slogan”. Well, usually what atracts me of them are that kind of “music” and word game the two sentenses make. The Tags a. or b. look the best for me, because they are clear and short. Seems difficult because your are going to atract learning, coaching, and bussiness with the same tag. For me the word “transcend” is a kind of “noisy” word and not too “atractive”. What those customers search in common with their on-line interest? Good luck.

  3. At one moment I thought I had come up with the Perfect Tagline for you,then all of a sudden….YOU actually said towards the end of your Video,”Transcending Distances …Together”

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