What Beer Commercials Reveal About Emotions Online…

When it comes to connection and engagement online, we often rely on survey data that ask people to give their opinions and to recall things they have no reason to remember. But maybe such left-brain bias is inhibiting the intuitive and creative side of communication and connections online? In this 6 min video I will talk about how a breakthrough research on beer advertisement supports  the  importance of emotions online and provides suggestions on how to utilize emotions in order to create engagement and connection in cyberspace. 

Here is a summary of the research mentioned in the video:

–       Strong emotional response to ads was connected with the strong engagement of the viewer;

–        Storytelling ads created more emotional response than rational, product-centric ads;

–       Both positive and negative emotions were important for engagement;

–       Stronger brand associations were established when the brand promise was positioned right after the positive emotional point of the commercial;

# 1: Emotions attract and hold attention.

In order to attract and keep our viewers online, you need to create content that evokes an emotional response. Whenever the scenes were found particularly “relevant” by the viewers, they drew them deeper and deeper into the story.

 #2: Emotions create a personal connection

Beyond attracting viewer attention, emotion can actually make a message more valuable to consumers. When we strike a chord with our clients, or when we can create a situation or character that our customers can relate to, they feel that their attention to your message has been rewarded.

#3: Emotions create a buzz.

When people really connect with your message online, many of them will want to share their experience with others, creating a word-of-mouth buzz.

As neurologist Donald Calne has said, “The difference between reason and emotion is that reason leads to conclusions while emotion leads to actions.”


“You can say the right thing about a product and nobody will listen. You’ve got to say it in such a way that people will feel it in their gut. Because if they don’t feel it, nothing will happen.” (William Bernbach.)



In the comments below please give me 1 new idea that you got for using emotional responses for deepening your online connection and engagement.

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2 thoughts on “What Beer Commercials Reveal About Emotions Online…

  1. Hi Dr. Marina: I love how you clearly explain the whole emotional connection idea. Your last quotation about “…you have to say it the right way for people to feel it in their gut…” to respond. I’m a speech, drama & presentation coach who has had a lifetime of massaging my clients and students into getting that delivery of emotional connection – but you cut to the core that it’s not just the content but how you will deliver it. Cheers, Brenda

    • Brenda, Thank you so much for your comment. I feel honored to hear it from an expert such as yourself. I really think that emotions are just not accounted for online; and that when we start paying attention to what and HOW we say things, then the “isolation” that is so often considered synonymous to online interactions will disappear. Have a wonderful holiday season, and thanks for joining Wired@Heart!

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