3 Engagement Strategies to Jumpstart Your Online Programs & Courses

Building engagement online is the key to success for your online business because an engaged client is more likely to:

  1. buy your product
  2. complete the program
  3. get great results
  4. become your raving fan, and spread the word about you and your business.

Watch this 6 min video to learn 3 engagement strategies to jumpstart your online programs and courses.

Here are some main points for your convenience:

When your learner or a customer is engaged online, he uses a variety of different cognitive/affective processes. These include the following:

• creating

• problem solving

• reasoning

• integrating

• decision-making

• evaluating

What you need to realize right now is that these processes are interrelated, involve both emotions and the intellect. The journey from one process to the other would appear to be linear, though we understand that the human mind with its emotions continually shifts its focus as we anticipate and reflect.

Participants interacting with texts and projects alone might have trouble, not only with thinking through topics, but also with not being able to see all sides of a problem or the possible developments of an argument. Engaging participants online is imperative in order to avoid isolation and develop active learning that includes an element of social validation. Reporting back to others on the progress of their projects leads to constructive criticism and discussion,  which validates the learner’s arguments and perspectives, and enhances the conceptual richness of his work.

Here are 3 engagement strategies that will jumpstart your online programs and courses right away:

 #1 Relate

Develop a context that is relevant to your trainees and students.

Think of the titles that might attract their attention

Provide a rationale for WHY they might be interested in learning this particular information, and create the conditions that make them curious to communicate with one another from the first day.

Don’t assume that everyone will jump into the discussion right away. Model the way to initiate conversation and to comment on someone posts. You can provide the group with the netiquette rules, and communication expectations to make this process smoother, more comfortable and safe for them.

#2. Create

Make learning creative and purposeful. Supporting and guiding participants as they identify and set their own problem is effective, as the learners will engage more when working on something that they have designed themselves and are producing themselves, than when solving a problem that is not related to them.

#3. Donate

Encourage learners to share their projects and provide their opinion and constructive criticism. Model HOW  to give constructive criticism, explain the ways to avoid hurting someones feelings, build teams and ask the members of the teams to comment on their members work to make sure every person of the community gets the benefitts of being reviewed by others.

If you use these 3 strategies you will right away ignite engagement in your online program.


In the comments below share YOUR strategies for creating engagement online.
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