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  • Hey, I am Marina!

    And I am a…

    Self-worth & net-worth coach, abundance researcher, speaker and trainer, Amazon bestselling author, web TV host, and Reiki master/ teacher who helps you charge what you are worth without selling your soul. I came to the US twenty years ago with a suitcase in my hand and really, no dreams in my heart. At that point in my life, I had no clue what I wanted or who I was. 


    Growing up in Russia, I quickly adopted a scarcity mentality and fear-based mindset. But moving to the US only made my limiting beliefs more profound. In order to pay for school as a foreigner, I had to do hard labor… building roads, cleaning the scrap room, and working long hours.

    As I tried to build my business, I followed many business “gurus” that suggested repeating their own success and raising prices to create greater income. I religiously followed their advice and completed several business training programs, yet nothing seemed to work. I watched others fail next to me and realized that:

    It is a true honor to know Dr. Kostina and I highly recommend her to everyone! She is a true professional and an amazing soul.

    Dolly Rosario, Author, Motivational Speaker & Co-Host of the Luz and Dolly Show

    My research showed that our self-worth is HIGHLY connected to our net worth.

    Internal alignment is the key to successful business.

    Once I found peace within, my whole world and my business were set into motion. When I started being authentic in EVERY aspect, my business flourished!

    I blend deep soul and energy healing, mindset shifting techniques, and savvy business strategy to guide female entrepreneurs with a 3-step solution to struggles targeting the core areas of pricing and “playing big.” These areas block progress and are especially difficult to change using conventional methods in women who experience guilt, fear, self-doubt, and shame. The balance of a traditional approach and energy work allows each client to secure incredible results.

    I am here to SERVE and share all my secrets with you. I invite you on a fun journey, deep into your soul to find your true, authentic self so you can start bringing your brilliance to the world.

    I am the founder of Money with a Soul signature program, designed exclusively for women to help them create thriving businesses “the feminine way” by staying true to their authentic selves. The program is a culmination of my original research, which investigates the relationship between financial abundance and femininity; mindset, beliefs about money; and the energetic make-up of a person.

    Marina is an inspiring and caring person who uses her gift to help people understand more about themselves and how they relate to the world. My work with her opened up many new possibilities for successful and peaceful living, and I highly recommend her.

    Leslye Jones-Beatty, JD Business Owner. Fitness and Personal Trainer


    Marina’s accomplishments have been featured in People magazine, USA Today, and the Chicago Tribune. As a television personality, she has appeared on Telemundo, Chicago Latino TV, the Luz & Dolly Show, Inspira TV, Estrella TV, Women Business Owners Today, and serves as an expert on Vashe Radio.

    Born and raised in Russia, Marina is fluent in English, Spanish, and Russian. Her areas of expertise range from Reiki master/teacher to seven-time winner of the US Department of Defense grants. She is the creator and host of the popular vlog, “Modern Goddess Talk,” which showcases the wisdom, talents, and inspiration of diverse women.

    As a sought-after speaker, she has presented at numerous national and international conferences.  Marina’s presentations are interactive and provide practical, hands-on strategies. As a former teacher/ professor, she knows how to engage the audience and structure her workshops and presentations to promote deeper learning, as well as the application of knowledge. Marina served as a business mentor at the Richard Branson Center for Entrepreneurship, and has coached and trained thousands of business owners all over the world. 

    So, I gotta say I am super thankful that our paths crossed. I definitely think that I was divinely guided to you so that you could help give me the gentle nudge I needed to start getting my crap together. I’m very grateful!

    Stephen Talso

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