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    We are all wired to connect… Research shows that only through connection with others do we experience the fullness and meaning of our own life.

    I believe that staying connected with our authentic self is the ONLY TICKET to attracting true joy, abundance, creativity, romance, and freedom into our lives, no matter how much we want to throw pickle juice on that idea. 

    We resist this thought so much because it hijacks our well-trained habit of complacency and conformity, keeping us in the “safe” zone- as it means we must be different from the “norm”. We are scared of our own power.

    Ironically, when you step into the “dangerous” zone of the truth, you find the most safety.

    My titles read many: Dr. Marina Kostina, Reiki Master, CEO of Wired@Heart, Oneness Deeksha Giver, Amazon best-seller, etc….

    But in reality I am no different from you and I am not here to teach you anything. I am here to gently bring you back to yourself, and find that “je ne sais quo” that is built into the DNA of your soul- a unique gift that you have to offer to the world. After my long educational and spiritual journey- I know that MY biggest gift is to see the true colors of your authentic self and help you believe in your own power. In all my services, I mix spirituality with science, psychology with technology to help you get to the core blocks and remove them so you can live a more fulfilling life.

    I grew up in Moscow, a country with beautiful people who always remember your birthday, answer your phone call at 2 am, feel your pain as if it were their own, and put everything they have on the table when you are in their house. Russians believe that it is better to have “a hundred friends than a hundred dollars” because connections between people are the most important assets in our lives. I think Russians are the masters of connections—the message that I share in all my services. Because only by connecting with your own gifts can you recognize the gifts in your life and become truly happy and connected with others.

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