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  • The Goddess Groove Workshop

    New Session: February Workshops (Egyptian Goddess)

    Tuesday, Feb 14 9:00am -11:15am

    1939 Union St, Blue Island, IL 60406, Blue Island, IL 


    Reserve your spot here:

    Sunday, Feb 26 2:00pm-4:30pm Inner Balance: 350 Pfingsten Road, , Northbrook, IL 


    Reserve your spot here:

    Your tummy is your powerhouse AND intuition center. It’s quite ironic that this very area of our body (temple) is what we tend to judge the most.
    In this workshop we will learn how to love your body.

    In this belly dance class you will:

    1. Practice graceful moves that activate and strengthen your “secret weapon” (a.k.a. your pelvic floor), soften your hands and overall appearance, magnetize and enchant the audience.

    2. Learn a choreography that is based on the practiced moves.

    3. Become more sensual in dancing and life in general.

    4. Tone your body

    I work your body from head to toe effectively and intensively with joy and ease. You will see immediate results in your energy levels, posture, and overall flexibility.

    5. Surround yourself with like-minded, positive sister goddesses who will uplift your spirit and might become life-long friends.

    6. Walk away with a video recording of the choreography and a cheat sheet so you can practice after the workshop

    The awesome benefits don’t stop there, but there’s only one way to find out…
    It’s time to awaken that beautiful inner powerhouse and intuition center! Bring out the goddess within by signing up for a class. Your tummy will thank you. ?

    Stop with your excuses that there is no time, money, energy, etc.
    True goddesses invest in themselves

    So, darlings get your groove on!

    What my students say:

    With Marina, I’m not just learning to belly dance. I’m learning a new flow along with new movement, and to see my body with greater joy and appreciation. My energy channels in new ways. It’s really a very special and very happy experience!


    I have been dancing with Marina for 3 years now, either in Zumba classes or belly dancing classes. She is always vibrant, patient, encouraging and loving during every session. She pushes us to do our best and gently nudges us to go one step further than that. I have learned a great deal but not only for my body. My mind and soul have been quenched with her positive energy. Marina will make you feel like a true goddess.

    Barb Howard

    I never expected to have such an inspiring experience when I signed up for a belly dancing classes. Marina’s sheer passion of life is an awesome bonus to learning belly dancing. Being insecure most of my adult life, Marina’s encouragement has change the way I look at myself, a beautiful rose.

    I also have taken Marina’s stretch and meditation classes. I am so grateful for Mariana infinite love, patience, kindness and caring. Marina is a true ROCK STAR!


    Belly dancing class with Marina has been great. She is detail oriented with her instruction and she makes sure we leave not only with a better idea of how to love our bodies through movement but by fueling confidence to move beyond the lessons of self-love we engage in the classroom.
    In talking with other students, what draws us to each class is more than wanting to learn how to move. Her desire to move women to be empowered brings us back because solidarity with other women is something she gives, she sparks and she shares.

    I have to say belly dancing is a great work out. But while you are there you don’t realize because Marina makes it so easy and simple. We have a great time together.

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