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    Once you find peace within, the whole world is set in motion.

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    Bio-feedback Diagnostic 

    Once you find peace within, the whole world is set in motion.

    Are you feeling small, spirit-shrunken, and soul-wrinkled? Do you feel like no matter what you do, you end up feeling drained and just plain stuck?
    Then my sessions are perfect for you!
    During these sessions, I act not as a coach or a guru, but as your mirror and your reminder; a reminder of your own gifts and life purpose, your perfections—the very qualities that will help you get up on your own two feet and walk, throwing away the crutches once and for all.

    Deep in your gut, you know that no one is going to rescue you, start a fulfilling relationship or a successful business for you, or show up at your doorstep as Mr. McDreamy. And, as much as you might wish for it, Matthew McConaughey won’t just make a special appearance at your holiday party…

    You are the one who’s in charge. And I firmly believe in the conscious work together.

    In order to get out of your “funk,” you need to take two crucial steps.

    Step 1: Aura and Energy Diagnostics

    Using a state-of-the-art aura sensor device  CodeП developed by Russian scientists, I will create a detailed portrait of your energetic state (as it is reflected in your aura, chakras, and thin bodies). This equipment combines the knowledge of ancient civilizations and advanced technology.

    Your energy report will show the evolution, shape, and color of your aura, distribution of energies and their balance according to the “Yin-Yang” principle, their density, and size.

    These characteristics reflect your emotional and physical condition at the time of the study as well as your permanent individual inclinations, talents, challenges, aspirations, and energies that are building your near future.

    As a result of this diagnostic, you will be able to:

    • Understand your inner world, unique characteristics of your personality, talents, ambitions, and life challenges.
    • Understand how external factors (people and events) influence your physical, emotional, and energetic state
    • Learn how to change your psycho-emotional state, protect yourself from the effect of external factors, make the most optimal decisions in difficult situations, and see which direction you are heading in the near future.
    • See the change of your aura and chakra system after conducting energy work, yoga and meditation practices, essential oils, and other positive influences.
    • Understand how you are perceived by people around you and compare this image with your true self.
    • Realize how your own personal actions can change your aura and life circumstances.

    Aura & chakra analysis + 30 min free reiki

    Step 2: Reiki Energy Work

    I use a special technique that I learned from my Russian spiritual teacher that helps me clear the energy from the aura, chakra centers, and thin bodies that need work. It also enables me balance your chakras to help you make conscious realizations about how to heal yourself and change your life for the better.

    At the end, my philosophy is that “you gotta show up for your own party (a.k.a. life).”

    I am here to help you, but I also don’t want you to keep coming to me for help.

    Luckily, I give you all of the necessary tools that will help you heal yourself.

    So if you’re sick and tired of hating your life, your job, your routine, or even yourself, it’s about time you DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT and stop sitting on the sidelines.


    Yesterday, I met a beautiful goddess; a soul sister I didn't know I had. She healed me; it was a truly magical experience.
    I will share my experience on video, because I know there are many people out there like me; chasing a dream, trying everything. But unable to obtain the results we want leaving us with a sensation of stress, disappointment and worry, very unaware of what's happening within and around.
    I was stuck; feeling like a little hamster spinning on a wheel, going nowhere. What my results showed astonished me. We uncovered exactly why I have been stuck; my aura revealed among many other things, great damage due to a previous heartbreak and I didn't know I still carried resentment.
    In only one session, she analyzed my auras helping me understand my God-given talents and purpose. She cleaned the dark energies that were blocking me. She aligned my chakras and healed my soul with reiki. My mind is still trying to grasp my experience and I think I am still processing it. I can only describe it as "divine healing."
    I met with my love in Pilsen afterwards for dinner; he saw right away the new energy I was exuding. He was just as amazed as I was with the overall results; what I had uncovered about myself, what has been stopping me and it helped us BOTH understand our challenges as a couple.
    People must know about this new revolutionary holistic healing. A very new method she created combining science, reiki, psychology, and infinite love.
    Marina Kostina, I love you. You are a true goddess. I cannot express with simple words the gratitude I feel to have found you.
    I cannot wait to share what happened with the world on video!

    Prior to my session with Marina, I was in a dark place in my life, exhausted with my work, miserable with my home life, and my health was getting worse. During my Aura profile, I was blown away as Marina was incredibly on point each part of the reading. Marina helped me to enlighten my spiritual consciousness.
    Marina also did a Reiki session, all my chakras were blocked, and after the session, I had feeling of euphoria and I felt so peaceful. I would also like to mention in the past two months my blood sugars were between 250-300. I was unable to get the numbers under control. After my session with Marina the next morning my sugar reading was 134 and has been between 115–150, the week following my session.
    I will continue to use the tools Marina has provided me and I know I am on a path to healthier life and I am so grateful to Marina, she is simply amazing! (Debbie) words the gratitude I feel to have found you.
    I cannot wait to share what happened with the world on video!

    My psycho energetic diagnosis with Marina was one of a kind experience.  The reading and picture portrait a true image of myself and revealed facts that I tried to bury and show to no one.  Marina was very respectful with her questions and interpretations as well as helpful with resolving certain issues. Although the session was fairly long, Marina took all her time and at no point rushed through any of the processes being done. The bonus reiki healing in the end was an additional treat.
    I recommend this session to everyone! Truly revealing!

    Thank you so much again I feel so happy I honestly haven't felt this way since my daughter was born I feel so light and focused. It was a pleasure meeting you this was a real eye opening experience for me truly life changing I will definitely do my homework every single day I honestly felt I needed this and now I feel fulfilled.


    I feel so much lighter, happier, even though nothing really changed in my routine. I have new goals in life to work on feeling a bit happier every day! Thank you so much for your time, your positive attitude, your healing power! I will recommend you to all my close friends and family! Thank you once again! You brought me to life!

    Tamar Karakozova

    My life was not a happy one for many years..until I met my dear Marina. After I went to see her I needed time alone to take it all in. I always knew what I was, but couldn't accept because didn't know how to deal with certain things. Until it hit me and I got up one morning and felt different, alive, hopeful, with joy in my heart that I was lacking. I didn't love myself enough, now I love myself and do things for me. I'm much stronger than I have ever been. Tears stopped. When I cried daily. I really love myself! Nothing bothers me anymore like it used to, I believe in myself. Marina, I do not have enough words how to thank you for making me stronger. But you know how much I Love you. Thank you for all you do and all the love and beautiful spiritual energy in your soul that you put in mine and in my heart. I adore you. Can't wait to see you again my sweet. Love you always!!


    Next to bearing my children... this is the best experience I have ever had!! Thank you Marina!! ❤


    My back is feeling good! Little pain. My chiropractor even said I had a lot less tension 😊
    I definitely felt the after effects of the reiki session.

    Olivia Guzman

    The situations are the same but I feel so much more clear headed, sure hearted, grounded since our session. You are the one who guided me here in this place of power and peace. I am very grateful for that and for you. You are a gift.


    Walking out of my session I felt something I had not felt in months. I always saw myself as a very positive person no matter how tough things got, and for some time I just hadn't felt good about myself or anything around me. But after my session I felt good and hopeful.


    Dr Marina Kostina you are amazing. Thank you for help me understand how to maximize my beautiful energy, the importance of blocking time for myself and how to dance with the Universe. I am very grateful for your help.

    Gabriela Reyna

    Since I met Dr. Marina Kostina I feel truly blessed! I consider her a sister for life! You will want to do this for yourself!

    Dolly Rosario

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