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    Before following her spiritual path, Dr. Marina Kostina lived in the world of academia for many years—a world ruled by facts, data, and analysis. But instead of leaving it behind, she incorporated this evidence-based mindset into her new role as a self-worth and net-worth coach. 

    As a result, you’ll find that research forms the core of Dr. Kostina’s balanced blend of traditional and non-traditional approaches. With a passion for scientific inquiry, Dr. Kostina’s ongoing research enables her to offer you uniquely effective, customized products and services based on the most current findings.


    Traditional Approach

    Having a leading statistician and behavioral scientist Dr. Patrick Monahan from Indiana University as a consultant for her project, Dr. Kostina is conducting a national survey which investigates the relationship between mindset; beliefs about money; self-value; and femininity. 

    Energy Work

    Dr. Kostina has partnered with psychologist and scientist Dr. Igor Menshikov, one the developer of Code P biofeedback machine. Their research analyzes a database of 30,000 auras to find patterns in the energetic makeup of people as they relate to self-worth and net-worth; self-defeating behavior; positive qualities; and other factors. 

    All Dr. Kostina’s products and services incorporate the findings from this research.

    As such, Money with a Soul online bootcamp, VIP day, and the retreat is mainly focused on your financial abundance. It helps you raise your prices with confidence and start increasing your income without feeling salesy (or “selling your soul”). This is done through the research-based techniques that teach you how to change your mindset, your beliefs about money, increase your self-worth and connect with your authentic calling as well as with the best way to market and sell your product

    I am so grateful to Marina Kostina for giving me amazing tools through this online course. These tools greatly helped me understand my inner self and improve my self esteem. All the interesting activities in which I interacted helped me find the fears, negativity, and insecurities that I did not know were limiting me from improving in all aspects of my life. I now think more highly of myself and do not belittle myself by comparing myself to others. I keep taking all of life’s experiences one day at a time, but now fully equipped with the tools to optimistically strive to be a better version of myself.



    Rhinestone to Diamond online course is specifically focused on increasing your self-worth, self-esteem and self-acceptance. Marina’s research shows that fear, shame, self-doubt, guilt, resentment and limiting beliefs are the main causes of low self-esteem. In this course you will start gaining a new awareness of yourself through which you can start accepting yourself fully, and thus see your “shortcomings” as an extension of your talents and apply techniques for maximizing the latter. The transformation happens on all levels of your life, but you will find that the areas that are identified as the most challenging at the beginning of the course start unfolding in a new, more positive and more productive way to create true transformation of your life.

    The Abundance Energy Scan draws from the vast database of auras to help you identify the biggest blocks for your self-worth, financial abundance as well as your relationships and health. Dr. Kostina is able to detect most common patterns that prevent you from feeling abundant in all areas of life and find solutions through various techniques on how to change your life to achieve wellness in all aspects of your life.

    I was stuck; feeling like a little hamster spinning on a wheel, going nowhere. What my results showed astonished me. We uncovered exactly why I have been stuck; I had a great damage due to a previous heartbreak and I didn’t know I still carried resentment.

    I met with my love afterwards for dinner; he saw right away the new energy I was exuding. He was just as amazed as I was with the overall results; what I had uncovered about myself, what has been stopping me and it helped us BOTH understand our challenges as a couple.

    PALOMA GREER, Executive Producer Inspira TeVe


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