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    Introducing Dr. Marina Kostina’s Workshop Training and Signature Talk

    “How to Charge What You Are Worth Without Selling Your Soul”

    There’s a major problem among many female entrepreneurs: they over-give and undercharge. They pour their hearts and souls into their businesses, offer excellent value, and are experts in their field, but they greatly undervalue themselves and keep their prices low. Even entrepreneurs making a comfortable income may still feel resentful inside, and continue to attract clients with no money.

    Unaware that shame, guilt, resentment, and self-doubt are often an underlying cause of being unable to raise their prices, these businesswomen create “myths” regarding pricing. They often believe, for example, that charging more money will have devastating consequences: the loss of clients; appearing “salesy,” inauthentic, and greedy; and ultimately, disconnecting to their purpose.

    As a result, many entrepreneurs attempt to combat this by raising prices artificially. However, without changing anything about themselves and their businesses, most are doomed for failure.

    A Unique Solution to a Common Problem

    In this talk/workshop, Dr. Marina Kostina dispels the myths of business success. She demonstrates how simply copying the pricing methods of many business gurus won’t work for most entrepreneurs. To start receiving what they are worth, mere price change or the development of high-end services and products is NOT enough. 

    Instead, these entrepreneurs need to be aligned from within by being prepared psychologically and spiritually. This enables businesswomen to ask for and receive higher rates while delivering breakthrough results with confidence and authenticity, and have a deep, lasting impact on their clients.

    Audience members will leave the talk/ workshop with:

    • An understanding of how energy attracts or repels money
    • Knowledge of their “internal pricing cruise control” using The Staircase Technique
    • Dr. Kostina’s Matreshka Method: the #1 secret behind raising prices
    • A quick test to pinpoint where entrepreneurs are sabotaging their pricing (and what to do about it)
    • Dr. Kostina’s Money with a Soul3-step formula to start on their paths of authentically raising their fees with ease and grace (and feel confident in the process)

    Marina’s Speaking Style:

    Marina leads her audiences with an interactive, dynamic, and fast-paced mix of practical, hands-on strategies with a high dose of inspiration and motivation. As a former teacher/ professor, she knows how to structure her workshops and presentations to promote deeper learning, as well as the application of knowledge. Her audiences continually co-create and are engaged from the very beginning to end, and build relationships with Marina even after the event. Her infectious energy and upbeat spirit will help your organization and its members become committed to recognizing their own value, and developing successful, authentic, and profitable businesses

                                                                                                                                WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING:

    “I recently participated in Dr. Marina Kostina’s “How to Charge What You Are Worth Without Selling Your Soul” workshop and got quite a bit out of the experience. Marina keeps things light and injects a sense of humor in her teachings while also resonating with some very deep paradigms that can use a shift or be totally done away with. I could see that she not only helped me but the other participants embrace a whole new zest for expansion of our self belief to truly toss out old ideas of why we may not deserve a certain business service hourly rate or project fee and own what we actually should be charging. I exercised this new way in the last two proposals that I wrote for potential clients and won BOTH of them! I’d highly recommend working with Dr. Marina so that you can start moving in this very positive direction too. Thanks again for everything, Marina!”

    Jeremy G. CEO Digital Marketing and

    Dr. Marina is wonderful! After attending a short presentation on How to Charge What You Are Worth, I’ve immediately begun to change my mindset about what I’m worth. Ad to not be afraid to go after it.


    Nancy Plummer, CEO & Image Consultant, Fine Threads |

    The subject of the workshop was so interesting that I simply could not miss it. Money is something we all need but most of the time we run short and would like to have more. Even thought techniques which Dr. Kostina used were tailored for business owners, it was very useful to anyone who wants to start their own business or who is working for a company.

    Roxana Rumyantseva, Entrepreneur & News Host

    Marina is a highly intuitive and generous human. She is invested in your highest success and makes learning a fun and energizing experience. I love her warm heart and her enthusiastic style of sharing both her own amazing story and the valuable wisdom she imparts. Sharing space with Marina is a vibration-raising, soul-satisfying experience. I highly recommend working with her in any way you feel guided!”

    Astra Signs, CEO of Astra Signs,

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