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                                             Money With A Soul Online Bootcamp     

    “Money with the Soul” Online Bootcamp reveals a 3-step formula to create abundance with confidence, ease and grace in just 4 weeks! Based on Marina’s research, this customized, fit-for-you program offers the convenience and flexibility of studying from your home. Marina guides you with her presence and support, every step of the way.

                                                 Abundance Energy Scan & Analysisp

    Using state-of-the-art technology, Marina creates a detailed portrait of your energetic state to easily identify: 1. your most authentic motivations and talents; 2. blocks that keep you from attracting abundance in the areas of wealth, health and romance; and 3. an analysis of your business strengths and recommendations for building your business with authenticity.

                          Self-Worth Intensive: Rhinestone 2                         

    Transform from Rhinestone to Diamond in 3 easy steps. Learn why you spend most of your life in the Rhinestone Stage, where partners in your life take you for granted; jobs underpay or undervalue you; and your health seems to betray you. Learn from the convenience of your home while feeling safe and supported with each step. Get ready to be treated with more respect, adoration, and appreciation.

    VIP DAY:  Breakthrough 2 Abundance

    ~ Do you feel stuck in your business?                                                 
    ~ Do you have an idea you’re passionate about but it does not pay much?                                                                                          
    ~ Do you recognize you’ve been playing small (under charging and over delivering)?  Start generating bigger income while providing deeper impact in just 1 day! Spend this virtual VIP day with Dr. Marina Kostina to jumpstart your business

    Money With A Soul Retreat 2018 


    Details are coming soon. Jump on the waiting list to be the first one to know the yummy details of this once-in-a-lifetime event!

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